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Music Director : Mood & AJCCC , Dubai

Mood Series of Concerts at Al-Jalila Cultural Center for Children. 

Mood celebrated musicians and rising talents ( ages 10-16)  to perform Western Classical, Arabic, Jazz, and World Music.


The musical journey included a variety of musical genres, performers, and moods. The aim is to combine the best of Eastern and Western cultures culminating in one common language.  Through ‘Mood’, composers and performers gather from across the continents to create a new vision for the future.


Emirates Festival of Literature :

2015 Opening Ceremony, Dubai

Music was composed specifically for the opening night, where 400 kids from various schools in Dubai sang the song entitled” Time.”

Across the Street, Around the World :


As part of the festival Across the Street, Around the World, Opera Holland Park and Chelsea Music Academy (directors Bushra El-Turk and Tala Tutunji) joined forces for a unique performance that fused musicians and singers from Western opera with Middle Eastern music.
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