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Jordan Times

" When a love for stage turned an impeccable talent for tickling the ivories, Tala Tutunji hit a high note and managed to keep it up."

Fondazione Meditteraneo

"Tala Tutunji's performances were mostly filled with nostalgic loneliness, mingled with a certain longing for happiness, at times reminiscent of a solitary voice 'crying in the desert."

The Tanjara

"In two affecting and passionate performances, Jordanian pianist Tala Tutunji, who studied music. "

Al Quds Al Arabi

"Tala Tutunji's inspirational notes opened the evening in harmonious exchange between the soft and vibrant notes of Tareq Younis's composition Escape III, which charmed the audience."

Al Ahram Weekly

"Tala Tutunji has the advantage of being a musician in the Arab world and combines her talent as an exceptional pianist abroad with her Middle Eastern heritage."

Jordan Today

"Tala Tutunji, gave a promising concert with the Iraqi pianist Mohammad Othman Sidiq and took the audience through a spectacular musical journey."

The Citizen

"Jordanian pianist Tala Tutunji along with her duo partner cellist Tara-Lee Byrne gave a superb performance from the Prologue with its lament motive and agitato section to the Finale with its wide variety of instrumental effects."

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